How to Setup Media Manager for Thermal Imagesetters

The Liberator and most of the EXILE thermal imagesetters have a built-in cutter. The cutter is at the front of the machine (about 1-2” in front the printhead as film feeds out of the device). Because of this, there are a few things that need to be set when using the built-in cutter at the RIP rather than feeding and cutting from the control panel of the imagesetter.

Within the RIP, go to the ‘OUTPUT’ menu and select ‘MEDIA MANAGER’ and then select the device (Liberator XE2812, for example),

 Here, you can check ‘Cut After Job’ or ‘Cut after X number of Pages’ and then enter a FEED BEFORE CUT amount of 3 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches, etc. as seen here:

 IMPORTANT NOTE: You will also want to check USING ONLINE DEVELOPER within this window (although there is no processor attached).


You may need to adjust the FEED BEFORE CUT value to get it to a setting that cuts where you need it to. We suggest you start with this value set to 3” and progress from there. The USING ONLINE DEVELOPER checkbox helps keep the RIP from timing out when communicating with the device. We don’t recommend running the CUTTER functions without having the USING ONLINE DEVELOPER box checked.


It is important you don’t leave the FEED BEFORE CUT at 0” because it will cut the job off, leaving the remaining section of the job (cut off and partially imaged) in the imagesetter until the next job is processed.