Rip Backup


Once a rip has been configured with all the correct settings in the page set-ups, separation styles, curves, and trap settings, it is always best to back these settings up to prepare to restore the rip after some type of hardware or software failure.

Global Graphics has provided a postscript file named "," which makes this process very simple. In Xitron’s Navigator HMR rip, this file can be found in the utility's directory that can be found at the path below.

C:\Navigator\Navigator 13.0r1\Utilities


In other Global OEMs, that file maybe is in different directories or missing altogether. For this reason, we are also providing a link to download this file at the end of this document.


  • Open the print menu. 

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  • Find your way to the correct directory.


  • Select the file “”.

  • Select a Page Set-up within the rip’s configuration.


  • Print the file.


  • The file run through the rip collects configuration data. It finishes writing out a file to the same directory where you printed the file.  The new file is named We always encourage our customers to change the file's name to the date it was made. The name change serves two purposes.
    1. It gives you a clue when the rip was last backed up.
    2. Renaming the file ensures that if you run the later, it will not overwrite the original file.

  •     The rip log also gives information regarding the success of the action and the location the file was written.


The backup file should be saved off the rip computer as a safety precaution. The created file can only restore the exact version of the rip from which it was initially run. To restore the settings on a new, clean install you print the saved file and the original settings are transferred to the new installation.

Suppose you have a newer version of the rip than the original files were run and saved. In that case, you need to use the migration utility to import the old settings to the new rip. Migration utility directions are in a separate document.