An important benefit of mColor is its ability to add graphics to files you’re printing to a
 high-speed inkjet printer.


Some applications don’t have the ability to import graphic art files (certain variable data applications, for example).


Using two of the mColor workflows in conjunction with one another, we can add a graphic/graphics  to a job that doesn’t contain one. This could be a logo or an  indicia, for example.


The first step is to add the logo to the ‘mSeries – VDM Image Input’ workflow.


On occasion, we have seen the following error:

‘It  appears the web server is not running’ as seen here:

Web Server not running.png


If you receive this error, we’ll need to make 2 minor adjustments.

We’ll change the port number that is assigned by default from 80 to 81.
Occasionally, this port number conflicts with another program on the PC.

The first thing we need to do is go to the mColor Server. From the ‘Server Setup’  menu, choose ‘Administrator Login.’
The default username is already entered and the password is left blank.

In this same menu, select ‘Server Settings.’
 Click the ‘Configure  Web Server’ button and deselect the checkbox for ‘Enable Web Server.’ 

Web Server in Server login.png

Change the Port Number to 81 and re-check the ‘Enable Weber Server’ box.

 Close this window and click ‘OK’ to exit.


Close the mColor Client and exit the mColor Server.

Next, we are going to edit a text file.

Please note, the ‘AppData’ folder in the directory shown below may be hidden.
Go to the ‘View’ menu and check ‘Hidden Items.’

Go to this directory: 

C:\Users\ XITRON\AppData\Roaming\Xitron\mColor  (if you don’t see the AppData folder
 (Please Note: after ‘Users\’  your user name will be in place of XITRON shown in this example).

Double-click to open the mColorServer.ini file.

It is a text file and will look like this:
CustomField1Label=Custom 1
CustomField2Label=Custom 2
CustomField3Label=Custom 3
CustomField4Label=Custom 4

We need to change ServerPort=80 to ServerPort=81.
Close the file and Save changes.


Restart the mColor software and Image Input should work as expected.