June 21, 2024 Navigator DFE and DuraFlex 9.1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of DuraFlex 9.1.1. The new features and improvements that have been introduced from DuraFlex R9.0 to R9.1.1 are significant with the primary focuses being on performance and productivity. We will continue to receive input from our technology partners and add features for the rapidly growing inkjet use cases and applications.

  • Workflow
  • DFE Web Client 2.5.5
  • DuraFlex Spooler
  • XiSpooler
  • JobSubmissionLib for DuraFlex Spooler
  • JobSubmissionLib for XiSpooler
  • XiService
  • XiEvents
  • HHR
  • NCE 10.0
  • DCE 5.0
  • Postflight 51
  • DFEBackRest 12
  • LogJam 10 with specific configuration for DuraFlex.  
  • Ink Usage Calculator 1.0  

Please note:

  • This release requires Memjet DuraFlex Press and Interface firmware revisions KPes_xx-21  
  • This release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4 for each PC.


  • DFE: Job scaling sizes are now correctly displayed when rotating with equal horizontal and vertical scaling percentages.
  • DFE: Make Default on the Job Editor is now properly set when specifying scaling in units.
  • Improve how pages printed is tracked across multiple cancels/resumes.
  • Add the ability to control interstage gap for duplex presses.
  • UTF-8 fix in XiService for filename submission to RIP Farm.
  • PDF Optimizer Action, first release.
  • Spot Color Adjustment Action, first release.
  • Fix a bug where the missing TOF and underrun threads were stopped after the first job in a chain.
  • In XiPosition, allow rotated pages if the dimensions match once rotated by the RIP.
  • The Ink Usage Calculator has been renamed from Duraflex Cost Calculator.
  • Printhead Usage page (phusage): This is a beta release.

New Features:

PDF Optimizer Workflow Action

A red and white sign with a screw

Description automatically generated

This Workflow Action will restructure the way that information is stored in a PDF to be more efficient when processing through the RIP. This new Workflow Action is based on the Mako PDF SDK from Global Graphics. Here is what they have to say about their optimization function:

Mako’s DOM architecture automatically gives it an edge when it comes to optimizing content. When writing to PDF for example, Mako will eliminate duplicate fonts and merge font subsets, reducing file size and improving efficiency of downstream processing. Additionally, image compression and downsampling, color conversion, font embedding and more can all be controlled with simple parameters to the PDF output API. Developers can go further still to build optimization suited to specific workflows, such as streamlining for variable data applications.


Ink Use and Printhead Consumption Reporting Option

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Consumable tracking is important for many aspects of business. Accurate records of ink usage can be useful for knowing how much to charge for a specific job to knowing how much ink, printheads and cleaning cartridges to keep on hand to keep production running. With the Ink Use and Printhead Consumption Reporting option, you will be able to access your consumption reporting directly from the browser, downloading a CSV file of filtered data, or connect Excel directly to the consumables database. Links to both consumable reports can be easily accessed from within the DFE under the gear icon.

A screenshot of a calculator

Description automatically generated

Different companies will have different needs for reporting. We have made configuration quick and easy so that you can access the data you need while filtering out what you don’t. With the ability to enter the cost per ink container, you can quickly get information on how much ink was used for an entire job, as well as the cost to run the job. This can allow for more accurate estimates as well as accurate accounting for jobs that have been produced.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Printhead Usage and Life reporting can assist in tracking the remaining life of the printhead. This will allow for better planning for the volume or type of work you are expecting to run.

For those wanting to import the data that is available into Excel, or create their own queries for specific information, the data is stored in an SQLite 3 database that can be shared on a network. From scripts to direct connections to the database, you can integrate the use of this data within your MIS.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


New Spot Color Adjust Workflow Action

Leveraging the Mako SDK, we have produced a new version of the Ink Remapping Workflow Action that utilizes the existing, familiar interface. The new Workflow Action improves performance when importing large jobs that may contain spot colors. This change was made with productivity in mind based on customer feedback regarding the types of jobs they are running.



Additional Color Management options

We are continuing to add more finite color management options based on customer needs. In this release, we have introduced some additional options.

  • Override color management in job
  • Overprint ICC-based CMYK
  • Set Default Rendering Intent
  • Override CMYK Rendering Intent
  • Override RGB Rendering Intent

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


Interstage Gap Setting

This is specifically for duplex printing. After seeing a number of different DuraFlex duplex presses, we added a configurable option to define the distance between the first stage/side of printing and the second stage/side. This allows for better timing in making sure that the printheads arrive in the print position as efficiently as possible.

There are two controls, the distance between stages in feet and an amount to reduce the delay.

Add these to the [Duraflex] section of the xiflowserver.ini file:

InterstageDistanceFt=X (where X is a whole number in feet.)

InterstageDistanceFt=Y (where Y is a number of seconds to reduce the delay, in the event the stage 2 unit is not ready soon enough.)





NOTE:  There have been several staggered releases for DuraFlex over the last year which were for different DuraFlex configurations. DuraFlex R9 supports one-wide and two wide simplex and duplex printing as well as POD. All users should consider migrating to r9 as long as they have their printer firmware updated.

2-printhead-wide printers was introduced in r7.  

Print on Demand (POD) was released in r8.

Duplex releases with r9.

IMPORTANT: DuraFlex R9 licensing changes - Please read here.

September 19th, 2023 NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R9.0.1

DuraFlex 9.0.1 contains bug fixes as well as enhancements for duplex workflows. Though this release will work for simplex and duplex devices alike, it is a recommended update for all DuraFlex devices. 


  • Workflow
  • DFE Web Client 2.5
  • DuraFlex Spooler
  • XiSpooler
  • JobSubmissionLib
  • XiService
  • XiEvents
  • HHR
  • NCE 3.7
  • DCE 3.2
  • MacOS Navigator Client
  • Postflight 51
  • DFEBackRest 12
  • LogJam 10 with specific configuration for DuraFlex.

Please note:

  • This release requires Memjet DuraFlex Press and Interface firmware revisions KPes_xx-21 .
  • This release requires a salable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4 for each PC.
  • RIP-only PC installations are yet not yet supported.


  • Navigator Server: Correction to DFE status update.
  • The Title metadata from the PDF will now be used for the job name.
  • Fix for Printer Status not updating on DFE. [JIRA XIT-1353]
  • Fix for InkUsage data not showing up in GetInfo on Windows Client. [JIRA XIT-1352]
  • Change to using Xitron-generated JSID in all cases to avoid duplex jobs erroring due to mismatched JSIDs on front and rear units.
  • XiPosition changes for independent adjustments for stage 1 and stage 2.

DFE New Functionality:

  • Added support on the Job Editor Dialog for Multi-Stage Positioning which is new in XiPosition: Horizontal and Vertical Offsets, Anchor Point, and Rotation is configurable per stage when Duplex is turned on in XiPosition.
  • DuraFlex and DuraBolt Device Settings tab now includes support for head names.
  • Job Editor Dialog now allows scaling to be specified in absolute units of inches or millimeters.
  • Print Market Options feature allows customizing the Job Editor Dialog for different print market applications.
  • Job Editor Dialog new "Make Default" checkbox that updates the base workflow to the current settings when the job is submitted.
  • Job Editor Dialog layout has been reorganized to accommodate new functionality in a more logical format.
  • If no DefaultDeviceIndex is specified in CustomInterface.json, the last selected Device will become the default.
  • Resume Job Dialog now supports translation of page ranges to the original page numbers.
  • Beta Feature: New Cancel Job toolbar button on the Jobs Table.

DFE Bug Fixes:

  • Submitting a job now preserves the job's XiPosition Duplex setting.
  • Scaling on the Job Editor dialog now works correctly when no XiPosition step exists.
  • Pausing Meteor DFE System Devices now works correctly.
  • DFE now avoids attempting to use a previously used System Device on startup that no longer exists.
  • Job Editor Dialog Page Size label now reflects scaling setting.
  • Job Editor Dialog Preview now renders correctly when offsets and scaling are applied.
  • Job Editor Dialog Preview now renders scaling over 100% correctly.
  • DFE can now be sorted by the Last Printed column.
  • Pressing Cancel on the Resume Job Dialog with the Keypad open no longer resumes the job.
  • Move Job to Top toolbar button is disabled when not displaying Job Queue tab.
  • Added support for Media Thickness in the Job Editor dialog when displaying the currently selected Media and applying a new Media selection.
  • Prevent editing of XiPosition media settings before they have been initialized in the Job Editor.
  • DuraFlex Spooler changes:
  • Removed support for KPes_26-15 (R4.2.3) and KPes_28-16 (R5.0.2) API variants.
  • Fix for issue during PES API determination could result in a crash due to dereferencing an uninitialised (null) pointer.
  • Fix for issue where unexpected clients providing data could cause the Spooler to hang.

May 8th, 2023 NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R9.0

DuraFlex R9 has added support for duplex printing as well as expanded spectrophotometer support that now includes the i1Pro 2 and i1Pro3. Several enhancements have been made to the DFE as well, which includes the selection of even or odd pages for output and more control over how Mid-Job service is utilized. There are also some updated settings that will be included in the base installation package that will help make setup easier as well as automatic cleanup of files no longer needed when the Navigator Server is launched which will improve overall performance. This release is for the following DuraFlex installation types: DuraFlex, DuraFlex POD and 2-Wide DuraFlex. 



DFE Web Client 2.3.1

DuraFlex Spooler






NCE 3.7

DCE 3.2

MacOS Navigator Client

Postflight 51

DFEBackRest 12

LogJam 10 with specific configuration for DuraFlex.

Please note:

This release requires Memjet DuraFlex Press and Interface firmware revisions KPes_xx-21

This release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4 for each PC.

RIP-only PC installations are yet not yet supported.


Added support for DuraFlex Duplex presses.

Added support for calibrating using i1Pro2 and i1Pro3 devices with 18-patch targets. See installation instructions section Calibration using a strip reader: selecting the spectrophotometer".

DFEBackRest preserves `htdocs\Thumbnails` and `Navigator\Config\Media Sizes\Media.lst`.

DFE Changes:

Job Editor Dialog has new Print Options feature: Page Filter for selecting All, Odd, or Even pages to output.

DuraFlex Settings Dialog changes Mid Job Service controls to Enable and Max Page Interval only - Removing Max Length Interval.

DuraFlex Settings Dialog now has eighteen lines of Printer Status Fields.

Ink Tank display now supports dual ink tanks.

DuraFlex Settings Dialog enables the TOF setting for the second stage if the TOF settings array has more than one stage.

DuraFlex Settings Dialog now allows setting the TOF Media Mode for Stage 1 and Stage 2 independently.

Index Wiper on the DuraFlex Settings Dialog keeps its last used value instead of resetting to 6.

Ink tanks are now hidden when ink is reported as unavailable. 

Changes in Navigator Mac Client v9.0.1.19:

Added support for loading the Job Archive web app in a window from the Open Archive Jobs Menu.

Added Page Filter feature 'Pages' to Output Options for selecting All, Odd, or Even pages to output.

Added Duplex checkbox to XiPosition settings.

December 9th, 2022 NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R8.0

Workflow, XiFlow Server, RenderAction DFE Web Client 2.2.2

DuraFlex Spooler



NCE 3.5

DCE 3.1

MacOS Navigator Client

Postflight 51

DFEBackRest 8

LogJam 10 with specific configuration for DuraFlex.

Please note:

This release requires Memjet DuraFlex firmware 5.2.2.

This release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4 for each PC.

RIP-only PC installations are yet not yet supported.


Added support for DuraFlex Print On Demand. See DuraFlexPOD_instructions.pdf

The batch scripts run by the installers to configure SLP no longer set the SLP service to automatically restart if it quits. Instead, provided %programdata%\xitron\SLP\configure_SLP_to_restart.bat is provided so this can be done manually.

Server and Web Server Client: Implemented UpdateDeviceInfo Web API command.

Added support for 640dpi (NCE, Server, Spooler, RIP Manager.)

Updates to head alignment configuration.

NCE index page enables DuraFlex tab for DuraFlexPOD System Device.

Added GetDuraFlexPODVersions.py in Utilities folder.

Improvements to Web API including bug fixes and addition of Copy Count Multiplier support to Overrides in JobsDB.

DFE New Functionality:

DuraFlex Settings Index Wiper Button now has a slider to select the index level.

DuraFlex Settings Test Print and Service Buttons can now be selectively disabled by a new device command from the WebAPI.

DuraFlex Device Speed Setting in the Job Editor Dialog can now be overridden by a new device command from the WebAPI.

Servicing buttons are now disabled when the DuraFlex engine is not in a state where Servicing is allowed.

DFE Bug Fixes:

DuraFlex “Wipe” button is now called “Index Wiper”.

The on-screen numeric keypad will no longer re-center its position when selecting a different text field to edit.

When closing the DuraFlex Settings window with the on-screen Keypad or Keyboard open, the Keypad or Keyboard will also be closed.

Bug Fix: Index Wiper Button now shows the correct Index value with single head DuraFlex devices.

Desktop Clients:

Added Collate Page checkbox for use as the default in the General tab of the Workflow Editor.

Added Reverse Page Order checkbox for use as the default in the General tab of the Workflow Editor.

Changes in MacOS Navigator Client:

Added Media Thickness to XiPosition media list.

Fixed bug where removing a media template would not immediately remove it from the menu.

Added Resume Job command to Jobs Table.

Fixed bug that could allow identical XiPosition media to be created with different names.

Fixed bug where workflow steps remained under a job in the jobs table if those steps were deleted from the base workflow and the job was then restarted.

DuraFlex Spooler:

Fix to prevent potential crash when updating dialog immediately after launch.

Changes to the Control dialog - reduced available items and resized dialog.

Updates for compatibility with HHR and later.

Added support for DuraFlexPrint On Demand

JobSubmissionLib: updated from to

JslConfigs.XML: Enabled second strip for two-wide press support (previously it was commented out; it will be ignored if not needed)

July 12th, 2022 NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R7.0

Workflow, XiFlow Server, RenderAction DFE Web Client 2.1.3

DuraFlex Spooler



NCE 3.1

DCE 3.1

Postflight 51

DFEBackRest 8

LogJam 10 with specific configuration for DuraFlex.


Please note:


This release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4 for each PC. 

Persistent RIP mode is not yet supported.

RIP-only PC installations are yet not yet supported.




Multi-head support for two-wide DuraFlex variant. Also supports one-wide DuraFlex variant. Added RIP-only installer for use on second PC.

Two-wide workflows will require Page Filter Action.

An alignment tool is included; see the 'Print alignment' folder.

PES commands for drain printheads and circulate inks are supported.

On the DFE DuraFlex page, if there are two print units, when a button is pressed the user is presented the choice of sending the command to a specific unit or both.

Thumbnailer.exe: corrected crash. If the task file is corrupt, it will now start a new file from scratch. Thumbnailer.exe now ensures thumbnail RIP does not launch Thrift components in all cases.

RenderAction: now uses the correct path to locate the Tone Curve info file.

RenderAction: corrected an issue with overriding calibration selection in the Client Workflow Editor. LogJam 10: added LogJamRemote to automate gathering of log files from the RIP-only PC (if any). FixupShares: overcame an issue causing this to take a long time running, and then fail.

Requeing a job now correctly preserves all of the override settings.

XiService: Now waits for HHR to terminate before launching a new one. Applies only if the RIP is not running in persistent mode. See .ini setting below.

Corrections to RenderAction.


Corrections to XFDebug. DFE:

DuraFlex Settings now supports DuraFlex systems with up to 6 heads. Command buttons will allow commands to be sent to any combination of heads.

Job Editor dialog thumbnail is now displayed even if no RIP step is in the workflow. Added ability to hide Pause/Resume button via ShowPauseResumeButton entry in CustomInterface.json.

Bug Fixes

Fixed thumbnail flashing for running jobs.

Fixed negative and decimal value entry in the DuraFlex Settings TOF Adjustment field. Default the Number of Heads to 1 so the maintenance buttons work for older DuraFlex Servers that do not support multiple heads.


XiService.ini setting to change time allowed for HHR to terminate. The default is ten seconds.

Known issues:


Important note:  After a new installation of 7.0 it is required to set XiEventsHost` in `ThriftPorts.json` to the name of the Master PC.  Since this is not an obvious thing to have to do, we have specially documented this short procedure here.

FixupShares will no longer localize the 'Everyone' user name. For non-English locales it may be edited and run by hand 'as Administrator' to make the necessary shares and set folder permissions.

If  %APPDATA%\Xitron\DuraFlex\DuraFlexSpooler.ini or %PROGRAMDATA%\Xitron\XiShare\ThriftPorts.json have been modified in a previous installation, the changes will need to be applied to those files in this installation.

Running heavy printhead service too soon after having already run it will display error in GUI but jobs can still be submitted. Error will clear once RIP Navigator Client is restarted.

When attempting to run a service command during printing, a fault occurs. Need to re-start the spooler. Running service commands during printing is a corner case.

Status shown as idle/online/ready when system is deprimed.

Two hydration controls are missing from the GUI.  Specifically, Sacrificial page length and Prepage spit intensity on a per-color basis.  These can be configured in hwparamstore.json.

June 13th, 2022 NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R6.0.2


DFE Web Client 2.1

DuraFlex Spooler


NCE 3.007

DCE 3.1

Postflight v51

Please note: this release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4.


Corrections in XiService, XiEvents.

Correction in Server for overrides in requeued jobs.

RenderAction correction to allow Workflow Editor Render Action step to override the calibration specified using NCE.

April 11th, 2022 NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R6.0.1


Workflow DFE Web Client 2.0.6

DuraFlex Spooler


NCE 3.007

DCE 3.1

Postflight v51


Please note: this release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4. Changes:


DFE: Fixed issue where changing the Spot Color Adjustment Set on the Job Editor dialog didn't work by simply removing the popup menu. It is now just a text label that displays the selected set as is chosen in the Spot Color Adjustment dialog.

The default Web Server port has changed from 80 to 81 to avoid a possible clash with IIS.


February 14, 2022, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R6.0


Workflow DFE Web Client 2.0.3

DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 13.1r0 NCE v3.004

DCE v2.2

Postflight v51


Please note: this release requires a scaleable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4. Changes:

Persistent RIP. See 'Configuring the RIP Farm to continue running between jobs' in DuraFlexInstallation.pdf

RIP updated to R13.1r0.

Manual Calibration and Tone Curves are pushed on the fly for each job, AKA 'jobpush'.

SLP is now installed under                                                   .

Selected symbol files will be installed into the Navigator\Symbols folder. The installer no longer installs the two duplex fake press definitions.

Spooler changes to support scaleable HHR.

Corrected an issue with jobs that restart after being archived to and back off disk in the thumbnailing code.

Implemented change to Pause behaviour. DuraFlex Spooler will default to Stream on Start.

The installer will now configure the Windows firewall to allow XiService, XiEvents, clrip. Added PRE_JOB declog mode option to the Hydration configuration dialog.

Added the ability to set the maximum speed for both DuraFlex resolutions.

Added the ability to configure the press speed for each Y resolution (954 and 1600) on the DuraFlex System Device Advanced dialog. See Installation instructions FAQ section.

Updated User Resources\Utilities, including:


Added BackRest for configuration backup/restore.

Added XiSettings for easy editing of .ini file settings. See its Readme.txt file for final installation step.


DFE Web App


New functionality


Media Size Column in Jobs Table now shows and sorts actual page dimensions if no XiPosition Media Size has been set.

Clicking the Selected column's header in the Jobs Table toggles selecting all jobs in the table.

New Jobs Table Columns: Job Number, Workflow, Printed, Last Printed, Paper, Time Stamp. Jobs Table Columns can now be reordered by drag and drop.

Jobs Table Columns can now be shown or hidden via Settings Panel. Jobs Table Columns in the Recent tab can be sorted.

Jobs Queue can be reordered by sorting table columns. DuraFlex TOF Adjustment added to DuraFlex settings dialog.

Job Editor Dialog now includes Calibration and Tone Curve Color settings. Job Editor dialog now displays name of the job and the job's dimensions.

Thumbnail of the running job will now update as it progresses through the workflow. Changing the "Quality" in the Job Editor now refreshes all of the settings in the associated Render Config or PSU.


Bug fixes


Fixed issue where clicking a button's label would sometimes not activate the button. DuraFlex Settings Pause After Every Job now works even if another setting is changed immediately after it.

Jobs Table is now also sortable by Job Name.

Jobs Table no longer automatically sorts in reverse chronological order when switching tab views.




Revised appearance.

Added Tone Curve editor to NCE.

Tone Curve import moved from Color Profiles tab to Tone Curves tab. Changes to JSON formats to support 'jobpush' calibration.




This release supports PES API versions 4.2.3, 5.0.2, and 5.2.0 with no Xitron software change required.

Although existing manual calibrations will be preserved and converted to the new 'jobpush' method. If these had been saved as 'Use as default' in NCE, only the main adjustments will be honored, not the adjustments in the default curve.

describe two modes for TIFF input. For DuraFlex R6.0, only Mode 1, where the list of TIFF files is fully enumerated, is supported.

Tone Curve selection moved from Color Profiles tab to Render Configs tab. Any existing Tone Curve


selection made on the NCE or DCE Colors tab will not be preserved, the selection will need to be remade in the NCE RenderConfigs tab or DFE.

Manual Calibration will now use 'push' calibration in-line in the job's RenderConfig. Ink Limiting is not yet implemented; the control is hidden.

If the RIP fails to find the selected calibration or tone curve, it issues a warning in its log but does not error the job. If this occurs, it should be highlighted at the top of the Postflight report.


July 14, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.2


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.5 DuraFlex Spooler HHR 13.0r0 NCE v2.28 DCE v2.2 Postflight v45




Add support for DuraFlexTIFFInput. Fix for mid-job servicing issue.

Postflight amended to run under DuraFlex.


June 18, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.1


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.5 DuraFlex Spooler HHR 12.0r2 NCE v2.28 DCE v2.2




Adjust a few of the defaults in the DuraflexSpooler.ini file.


June 3, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.1 RC5


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.5

DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 NCE v2.28

DCE v2.2




Removed a couple of ICC profiles from InstallerResources.


June 2, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.1 RC4


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.5


DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 NCE v2.28

DCE v2.2




DFE Web Client updated to v1.4.5, see separate release notes.


May 28, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.1 RC3


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.4

DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 NCE v2.28

DCE v2.2




Update the customized files for a pre-configured system.

Updated User Resources\Utilities: Added BackRest v4.0 for system backup/restore. Updated LogJam v8.0 for gathering log files. Updated Postflight v43.0 Added XiSettings for easy editing of .ini file settings. See its Readme.txt file for final installation step.


May 24, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.1 RC2


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.4

DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 NCE v2.28

DCE v2.2




Fix cancel while a job is paused on the press.

Fix cancel while a job is downloading to the press.

The measurement units are selectable on the DFE. Available units are in/sec and ft/min. This selection is independent of the System Device measurement unit.

Fix various anomalies with printed page counts.

Fix bug with Pause after Job randomly becoming enabled.

TOF timeout is very solid. If this error triggers before the job completes downloading, an internal Spooler error may be displayed; this is expected to be improved in a later release.


Global Color Adjustment (GCA) is working. Job collation works.

Copy count works.

Page count is much improved. The previous job’s total may be visible briefly between jobs before the total is updated.

The completed page count display is now persistent.

The screen selection will now be honored, however this is dependent on using correct _template and ColorSeparations.json files, and removing the existing cached ‘named templates’.

Job chaining works. If a situation occurs where the press does not receive the second job until it has finished printing the first, the solution is to reboot all Press and RIP PCs.

Cancelling of chained jobs works.

The copy count on the swatch sheet may be fixed to a value in the Server's .INI file, overriding the count in the job. For example:




May 10, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.1 RC1


Workflow 8.4.4 build 15 DFE Web Client 1.4.3 DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 NCE v2.28

DCE v2.2




Implement support to pause a job if, for some reason, the software is not able to spool pages to the press fast enough, in order to prevent a 'data underrun' fault, and to restart it when the data levels reach acceptable levels.

Fix an issue which generated large numbers of blank pages before and after jobs. Fix an issue where the DFE progress did not track the actual printing closely.

Fix an issue where cancellation could leave the Server jobs in an odd state. Fix an issue where cancellation could leave the Spooler in an odd state.

Fix an issue where the DFE showed odd page/total progress behaviour when jobs were not printing. General Improvements to DFE behaviour.

DFE No longer forces the calibration name to match the color setup name, if that calibration is not found.

Deliver a pre-installed linear calibration.


April 9, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.0 TR3


Workflow 8.4.3 build 35 DFE Web Client 1.4.1 DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 1246




Fix an issue with thumbnails.

Fix an issue with image corruption.

Fix an issue with a large number of blanks pages at the start of a job.


March 29, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.0 TR2


DuraFlex Spooler Changes:

Fix an issue where ABT copy count limiter was limiting copy count in all modes.

Fix an issue where cancelling a job caused the next jobs to cancel immediately due to a non-reset flag.


March 22, 2021, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R5.0 TR1


Workflow DFE Web Client 1.4.1 DuraFlex Spooler HHR 12.0r2, Major changes:

NEW: The system device software will now CAP the printhead when a FAULT occurs.

NEW: The press software now supports job-chaining where jobs with the same criteria can be printed back-to-back resulting in less paper wastage between jobs.

NEW: Ink reporting has been added to the press software and the system software now supports being able to PAUSE the press if INK OUT is reported and the job does not complete within a configurable time period.

NEW: The system software will cancel a job if no TOF signal is received within a configurable time period. The job cannot be paused as there will be pages in the PH buffer that cannot be printed due to the missing TOF signals, so the press will not transition from PAUSING to PAUSED. When the press reports that pages have been printed the timer is updated.

NEW: The system device software now support the 'pause after every job' feature where it will, if enabled, stop the press at the end of every job and move the system into a paused state, which requires the operator to 'resume' the system to print the next job.

NEW: System device software now monitors the press's print buffer and will hold off starting a job until either a configurable trigger percentage is reached, or the job is marked as having finished ripping (all pages are now in the Spooler or on the press.)


Minor changes:


NEW: System software now auto-clears the press's job queue when it connects, and auto-sets the TOF sync mode to SYSTEM_DEFAULT. A future release will allow more control over TOF sync, along with its associated offset value.

System software now correctly reports to the DFE the number of pages printed when a job is PAUSED.

FAULT reporting is improved so that it remains visible.

DFE UI is now much more accurate when reporting press state changes, etc.


December 10, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex (Phase 4 RC2)


Workflow 842 build 1 DFE Web Client 1.4.1 DuraFlex Spooler

HHR 12.0r2 1238




Retry FinishPrint command if the DuraFlex print engine goes into Servicing mode at job end. Various improvements in reporting, and maintaining synchronization with the print engine state. Change to allow some the hidden Spooler buttons to be exposed using this .ini setting:




[DFE] No longer throws an exception when double clicking an empty row in the Jobs Table.


[DFE] Job Editor dialog Thumbnail Preview now accurately represents how scaling will be applied.


September 16, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex (Phase 4 RC1)


Workflow 840 build 5 DFE Web Client 1.4.0 DuraFlex Spooler




Support PVT.

Stability improvements.


June 2, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex (Phase 3 RC2)


Workflow 817 build 1

DFE Web Client 1.3.4. DuraFlex Spooler


Changes * Enhance a few RIP messages for job tracking. * Implement test jobs function. * Report JSL network errors to the UI. * Fix pause after every job; UI now shows paused state correctly, allowing resume.


May 19, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex (Phase 3 RC1)


Workflow 816 build 2 DFE Web Client 1.3.3 HHR 12.0r2 1235 DuraFlex Spooler Changes:

Fix for date logging issue.

Fix for logging of A4/A3 printhead widths.

Fix issue where initial state in DF interface class was OFF so when press reported OFF as initial state on connection the even was NOT posted.

Fix issue where the API versions were not being set properly. Prevent StatusEventThread from corrupting the API version strings. Fix for pause after every job not working.

Don't clear page count at end of job so it stays in the DFE, do it at start of new job. Fixes to resolve issue where job does NOT move from Spooled to Printing.

Fix for an issue where system device did not always honour an INI file setting resulting the system device behaving as it it were in simulation mode.

Report last fault message (if any) if error state is not set. Clear last fault message when press starts PRINTING.

Tweaks to behaviour when clearFault button is pressed on DFE. Fixes for MJS, TOFSync to prevent setting of negative values.

Fixes to resolve broken pause/resume behaviour from DFE.

Update pagesCompleted when press posts JOB_COMPLETION event.

Fix for issue that caused AutoPrint error when press reports PRIMED_IDLE.

Fix for not handling situation where Spooler is still busy processing the previous job when a new job is started.

Increased stability in the spooler and server with network comms issues. Persist the press fault in the UI.

Allow control over whether faults should be cleared automatically.

Support for pausing output when the media profile (color management setup) changes.

Improved back to back job support. After the press completes a job, automatically start the next if not paused.


March 18, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex


Workflow 812 build 10 DFE Web Client 1.2.1 HHR 12.0r2 v1227 NCE 2.14 DCE 2.0 DuraFlex Spooler




Phase 2 improved stability.

Cap heads on press errors where possible. Power on and off the press.


February 19, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex


Workflow 8114 DFE Web Client 1.1 HHR 12.0r2 v1227 NCE 2.14 DCE 2.0 DuraFlex Spooler Changes:

Phase 2 functionality complete Requires PESM 3.1.1

Pause /Resume Mid-job service Cancel

Config editor support for 1600 and 954 vertical resolution.


January 24, 2020, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex


Workflow 8101 DFE Web Client 1.0 HHR 12.0r2 v1224 NCE 2.14

DCE 2.0




Improved engine controls on DuraFlex.