We'll walk you through editing one line in a text file.

Due to a small problem with networking this is necessary in revision 7.0.  This requirement will disappear in later versions.

This step is necessary to perform after a new installation.  You need to know what the name of the computer you are using for the DFE is.

Make sure Navigator Server is shut down.

Go to c:\ProgramData\Xitron\XiShare\ and open ThriftPorts.json in a text editor such as Notepad++

You can open up a Windows Explorer window and type %programdata% to get there too.

If the file doesn't exist in that location, it is attached to this article. It is generic regardless of the release of DuraFlex starting at R7.

The computer name of the computer you are running the DFE on goes in the space labeled XiEventsHost between the quotation marks.


Now start Navigator.