You need to connect both physically and in the software.

There are two network connections.  A 10GB and a 1GB.  Connect both of those.  They need to be connected properly for the system to work.

You can use mDNS (which is what Memjet recommends) or you could use IP addresses to get the RIP talking to the printer.

The mDNS name is on the print engine.  A label is affixed to the print engine with the network identity of the printer.

There are two places you need to input that information.

First... Here is where to find it:

Memjet will have labeled the printer with a sticker that provides this information.

You then input that network address into the Server and into the Spooler.

Open Server/Manage Devices 

You need to put in either the IP address or the mDNS name for the printer.  Otherwise the device will appear offline.

Click Start Thread.


One more place to check.   Our Spooler application:

Our device's mDNS address was pasted into the window and now it is online.

That's it for a single sided, 1printhead wide printer. 

If you have a 2-printhead-wide printer or a duplex printer then you will need to do some further configuration.

Please see here to continue to the printhead assignment tool. 

or... head back to the main DuraFlex manual.