Changing the IP address of a Xitron DFE for the HP FI-1000 printer.

It might not be apparent during the installation that the Xitron DFE requires the printer’s IP address to be added in two locations. We have had many service calls when for one reason or another, the IP address is changed after the initial installation, and the printer is not responding to the print commands. This document will review where these values reside and how to access them after the installation.


Accessing the Server

  • Click the Server Setup pull-down window from the server window and select Administrator Login.



  • Under username, type “Administrator” using a capital “A” and no password by default.



  • With the user credentials, you can now access configuration options within the server. Select the “Managing Device” option from the pull-down menu.



  • Once the device window is launched, you can see where the IP address has been loaded. You will need to “Stop Thread” to be able to edit the IP values.




  • Enter the new HP Printer IP address, restart the thread, and close the window. This is all you have to do on the server.








Accessing the .ini file.

  • In the search field, type %appdata% as shown in the screenshot below and open the folder.





  • Select the Xitron folder and the HPPW folder, and then open the HPPW.ini file with a text editor.






  • Once the HPPW.ini file is open with the text editor, you will see where the IP address resides, change it to the new value and save the file.





Once you have made these two changes to the HP DFE system, relaunch the rip and output to the printer.