mColor specifications for the printer installer:

Listed below is a list of REQUIRED settings before the mColor software can be installed/configured, or training to be done.

  • The printer MUST be connected to the PC via an Ethernet connection.  USB is no longer supported.
  • The printer must also have an IP address input. 
  • Once connected to the network via Ethernet the installing technician must verify the connection by printing from the computer to the printer (Windows driver will work).


mColor computer requirements for the server software:

Listed below is a list of REQUIRED computer hardware for the mColor server software.

  • Windows 10 Pro (Home/Enterprise/Education will NOT work).
  • 64-bit Operating System only.
  • 3 GHz Dual/Quad Core Processor (SSE 4.2 support required). Core i5, i7 or i9 recommended.
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or higher is recommended).
  • 160 GB Hard Drive (500 GB or higher is recommended).
  • 100/1000 Network Interface Card with an active “network” connection.
  • 1 available USB 2.0/3.0 port for “dongle” (USB key).


mColor computer/network configurations for the end-user:

Listed below is a list of REQUIRED network settings for the mColor install to be done successfully and for mColor to operate correctly.

  • Local admin access MUST be assigned to the user account for the install and training.
  • The UAC (User Account Control) MUST be turned to “never” for the install, and operation of the software.  
  • File sharing needs to remain open to use the mColor software, mColor is an open platform meant to have the ability to receive, upload and import shared files on the user’s network.
  • Anti-virus must be disabled for the install and activation of the license.

If Anti-virus software is present on the computer/domain, the following folders, service and port must have exclusions set in the anti-virus software: 


  • C:\mColor  
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel  
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared/HASP 
  • C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Roaming\Xitron
    (hidden folder-to browse to it enter %appdata% in a folder explorer window) 
  • C:\ProgramData\Xitron
    (hidden folder-to browse to it enter %programdata% in a folder explorer window)


  • Sentinel LDK License Manager   


  • 1947 – This port is required for the LDK License Manager 


If any of the configurations are not met, neither the installation, nor training, can proceed.


Network security information

The mColor server is a networked workflow server, with remote clients.  For security heavy end-users, you can allow access to install the software, and activate the license, then lock down the computer to deny outside access, while leaving it open to the domain only.  The remote mColor clients (if needed) can be placed on other computers, do not have such stringent requirements, and just need to be able to access the server software within the network. 


Licensing information

The software is licensed in two parts, a physical USB dongle, and a software LDK key.  Upon install, the installer would activate the LDK license (requiring internet access), and have the end-user plug in the USB dongle.  The installer will be able to verify if there were any license problems immediately.



The software license (LDK) is bound to that specific computer.  If there are any changes to the motherboard, hard drive, etc., the license will think it has been improperly copied to a new computer and fail to launch the software.  If the end-user needs to replace hardware components of the Server computer, the license will need to be transferred off the computer before any changes are made.  Have the end-user contact their dealer, who in turn will contact Quadient for assistance with this.