As Microsoft security becomes more and more stringent, we are finding it disrupts the connection between the Navigator Server and the remote Navigator Client software.


This issue could also arise if a Windows 10 Pro platform does not have a password.

You MUST have a Windows login password on the Navigator Server platform. 

This does not refer to the Navigator Client password. This applies to logging into the PC at startup.

If you have a remote RIP, this MUST also have a password. Blank passwords are disabled by default. It is not enough to enable ‘Blank Passwords’  in the Local Security Policy.


It is often necessary to re-establish the share connection between the workstation and the server PC. 


On the Client PC, we’ll have to remove the credentials established when “Remember Password’ was enabled previously.




We’ll use ‘Credentials Manager’ in Windows Control Panel to achieve this.


Open ‘Control Panels’ and double-click ‘Credentials Manager.’


On the right side, click ‘Windows Credentials’ which will look like this:

CP Cred Manager.png



Here, you will see a list of computers you have saved login credentials for.


Locate the Server entry (this could be the name of the PC or the TCP/IP address).

Highlight the entry and click ‘Remove’ as seen here:

Delete creds.png


Now, we’ll need to re-enter and remember the login information from the Client PC to the Server PC.


In the Search field near the Windows Start menu (typically in the lower left corner), type the name of the Xitron Server (\\ServerName), as seen below:

remote pc.png


You will be prompted for the username and password.

Please note, this is the login information for the Navigator Server used when logging in at the windows  startup.




Place a checkmark in the ‘Remember my credentials’ box.


If you continue to have problems connecting to the Server, please contact Xitron Support at one of the following:




Telephone:  734-913-1099