1. Shut Down the RIP.
  2. launch the “LDK Tool” which can be found in the Navigator folder found in the “Start” menu or found following this directory path: C:\Navigator\Navigator 13.0r1\ldk\utils
  3. With the LDK Tool is running, select the “More” button then click “New License” button
  4. Select “License this computer” button.
  5. Select “Have internet access” button.
  6. Enter the Temporary license key provided.
  7. Select “Activate” button.
  8. The LDK tools sends an activation request to Global Graphics to validate this rip system option.   If there are no network interruptions, you will get a positive response that the license has been activated.
  9. You may now start the RIP. Your new upgrade/option key should now be ready to use within the RIP.