1. Start the RIP software.

2. If you already have your device setup, skip this step. Go to the Navigator toolbar and scroll down to Device Manager. Select your plugin and click‘New’ to create a new device. For the ‘Type’ of device, select your output device (e.g.: Screen PTR 4000). Enter the name into the ‘Name’ field (e.g.: Screen PTR 4000). The ‘Address’ field should stay blank. Click OK. Once back to the Device Manager window click OK once more to get back to the main RIP screen.

3. Go to Navigator and scroll down to Page Setup Manager. Click ‘New’ to create a new page setup.

4. Under the Device tab, select your output device (e.g.: Screen PTR 4000).

5. Under the Style tab, click on the Separation Manager icon (hand pointing to the four plates) and then click ‘New’. For the ‘Style Name’ enter“Monochrome TIFF Catcher”. For the ‘Color space’ select Monochrome and for the ‘Output Format’ select ‘Monochrome (Halftone)’, then click Create.
Uncheck every box in the separations window including override angles in job and override frequency in job. Every checkbox in this window should be unchecked so that the TIFFs coming into the RIP are not re-screened. Click OK out of this window and then select your new separation style in the Style drop down selection within the page setup.

6. For the cassette, you will need to edit the cassette to fit your appropriateimagesetter. You can do this by clicking on the Cassette Manager icon(hand pointing to a blue cassette). NOTE: When editing the cassette besure to set the units to inches and not feet. If the media width is enteredincorrectly it will cause your RIP to error. RTI recommends naming thecassette according to size of the media (e.g.: 12.2”).

7. For the Resolution, change the vertical and horizontal resolution to matchyour output devices resolution (e.g.: 2400 x 2400, 2540 x 2540, etc.).Because you are creating a page setup which will be used to catchincoming 1-bit TIFF files you will need to uncheck 'Override Resolution inJob' below the resolution settings.

8. Under the Effects box, check Negative and Mirrorprint if you would like tooutput using either of these features.

9. Click on the Options button at the bottom of the window and check ‘Abortthe job if any fonts are missing.’ and 'Add Showpage at end of job ifnecessary.' Click OK to exit the Options window.

10. Click ‘Save As’ and save the page as ‘TIFF Catcher’ (or any otherappropriate name that you can use to recognize the page setup).

11. You must now create Input Channels in order to print to this page setupfrom other machines.

Separations window with every screening option unchecked.