1. Make sure you have received your Product Key from Xitron.

2. Make sure the rip computer has access to you have access to an internet connection.  

3. Locate and run the LDK tool from the start menu programs group.  If you don’t know where to find it,     just type “LDK Tool” in the search field.

4. Select the “More” button. first then the” New License.”

5. Select the” New License” button.

6. Select the “License this computer” button.

7. Select the “Have internet access” button.

8. Enter the provided product key in the “Product Key” window and select “Activate.”

9. You will receive a message that the “Activation was successful.”

10. In the search field, type “services.” Once the services window is launched find the “Sentinel LDK License Manager.”  Highlight this service and restart.  This license will now allow the rip to function