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An additional tab has been added to manage tone curves. The specifics of the controls for this page are outlined below.

  1. Create Tone Curve button: It is now possible to create a tone curve by entering values.
  2. Copy Tone Curve button: You can now duplicate any manually created tone curve.
  3. Delete Tone Curve button: It is now possible to remove tone curves from the list of available tone curves.
  4. Text entry fields: It is now posible to enter generated measurement values from a third party application, or define your own general changes more specifically than you are able to do within the DFE job editor with the sliders. This will allow you to be specific about what is happening in each color channel in the highlights, midtones and shadows.
  5. Importing of tone curves is exactly as it was previously. This set of buttons have moved here from the Color Profiles page.
  6. During tone curve creation or modification it is possible to select the color with values you wish to applit to other color channels from the channel on the left. An exampe of this would be if you wanted to copy the values that you made under section 4 for one color and apply it to the other channels prior to further modifications.


NCE has had several modifications for this release. A help button (“?” ) has been added to the upper right of each screen which will navigate you to a help page that goes into more detail about each individual function. Aside from the addition of the help button and the change in appearance, unless otherwise noted the functionality will have remained unchanged.

Render Configs :

1. Tone curve selection has been moved from the Color Profiles screen to the Render Configs screen. The reason for this change was to allow for more control over the way that tone curves are selected and applied within the job editor within the DFE. Tone curves can be used in one of two ways. Both are described below.

  1. Tone curves as calibration.  Tone curves generated by a third party application for grey balance and ink limiting in preparation for ICC profiling.  e.g. Curve.  
  2. Tone curves as color adjustments.   It is possible to create, copy or delete user-defined tone curves. These can be used to give more finite control over the appearance of a print by manually defining how each color is rendered similar to how the curves adjustment tool within Photoshop does. Values are entered manually.

Color Profiles :

  1. The Color Profiles screen has been rearranged.
    1. Tone curve import and selection has been moved to the Render Configs screen. Functionality has otherwise remained the same.