To make tracking down issues within our logs easier, using regular expressions (regex) in the search window within Notepad++ is the quickest way to narrow things down. The search string below contains some partial error messages that can have any number of things before or after the text which saves having to have a separate search string for each possible error. Other parts of the search string includes full messages when appropriate.

Assuming you've gathered the various log files for the RIP, spooler, Navigator Server, XiEvents and XiService, it is easiest for you to place these into a single folder or folder structure and use the "Find in Files" tab with a file mask of *.log.

Paste the entire string below into the "Find what:" input text box. (Last updated April 5, 2023)

\b(?:Call failed - |Call to startProcess failed|Cancelling RIP jobs|CommandClient not connected. Leaving|connect\(\) failed|CopyFilesToRemoteShare - Failed|Could not launch process|Could not resolve host for client socket|couldn't get minilock|does not exist|Engine is not ready|Engine State = FAULT|ENGINE_STATUS - FAULT|Error cleaning up JT Folder|Error DE_INVALIDFILES|Error during GetPageSet|Error sending page|Error \(JSLAddPage|Error: Call failed|failed - Press closed connection|failed - returned|Failed to cancel the following Action|Failed to connect to XiEvents|Failed to connect to XiService|Failed to delete job|Failed to find|Failed to get|Failed to log into Server|Failed to start|Failed to update host information|Fatal Error|FAULT reported. Location|FILE_FORMAT|Got State Aborting|Initialization failed for |Job aborted with [0-99] % done|Job ERRORED event|Job failed for an unknown reason|Job was cancelled by another client|Job with unsupported file type was rejected|JobStatus ERRORED event|JOB_COMPLETION - FAILED|main thread init failed|Not connected to the press|Null context returned|OffendingCommand|OpenPress failed - Communications error|PerformOp\(\) failed - error|Press has transitioned to FAULT|Render Failed|RIP failed to start|Rip terminated without processing the job|RSYNC_OVERRUN_PEP|RSYNC_UNDERRUN_PEP|Setting error message to FAULT reported|The path in the source or destination or both was invalid|is being used by another process|The Workflow Action failed|Thrift exception|Timed out waiting for response from RIP|Unable to locate Server|unable to open database file|Unable to SubmitRipJob|Unexpected errors returned by leading Gymea pauseJob|Warning: failed to delete|Warning: Loading CArchive Jobs|was not deleted completely|WFAction Render has switched to Offline|WFStep "Render" is not active in Render Action: FORCED|Timed-out waiting|FAILED to open)\b

That will deliver search results highlighting any and all error strings found which will look similar to this -