In Navigator Server version 9 we made some changes to the protection system.

We are introducing control over some system devices and over options such as duplex, or file output.  These new licenses can be programmed into dongles at our offices or issued via upgrade codes to previously deployed systems in the field.  

Users of earlier versions will need upgrade codes to run version 9 successfully.  

Each major release (version number change like 8.1 to 9.0) requires a code as well.  So.  In addition to these new codes, any upgrade to version 9 requires a code enabling that version of the Server.

Minor releases (8.0 to 8.3) do not require version codes.

Warning:  If you upgrade from an earlier version and do not obtain and input the correct codes, your system will not output properly.  

A message of solace and comfort:  New systems will come licensed properly.  

Inkjet devices are now divided into 3 classes, based on speed, resolution, and other factors.

  • Desktop inkjet
  • Production inkjet
  • Industrial inkjet

We also protect our Meteor Inkjet interface separately.  So if you want to run Meteor printhead drive electronics, you need the Meteor license.

PRN file and TIFF file output each have their own licensing.

Plate output (CTP) has it's own license as well.

Width, color depth, and pixel depth are all licensed too.

A special Print On Demand feature that is optional for inkjet systems carries it's own license.

This table lists the new licensable features:

Licensed featureNotes
Desktop inkjetlight production desktop inkjet (e.g. Memjet Sirius)
Production inkjettable top or roll fed production (e.g. HP FI-1000)
Industrial inkjethigh speed, high volume
MeteorMeteor Inkjet printhead drive electronics support
PRN File outputNavigator DFE supporting PRN output for inkjet
TIFF File outputNavigator DFE supporting TIFF output
PlateCTP output
2-widewidth (# of printheads wide)
Duplextwo sided
Extended gamut5+ process colors
Multibit pixels2-bits per pixel and above
Print On Demandspecial mode for Read & Print applications


1. A 2-wide, duplex printing press based on Memjet DuraLink printheads.  

You will need these 3 new licenses:  2-wide, Duplex, Industrial inkjet.

2. A 1-wide, single sided label press based on Meteor electronics and 2-bit Kyocera printheads.

You will need these licenses:, Meteor, Multibit pixels, Industrial inkjet

3.  A 1-wide DuraFlex press.

You will need this license: Production inkjet

How to enter codes or check your licensing in Navigator Server

Go to Navigator Server/Product Features.

You'll see this dialog box where you can look at licensed features or enter provided codes.