Navigator DFE for Meteor is a Digital Front End that supports printhead drive electronics from our sister company, Meteor Inkjet, and integrates the Meteor Print Engine SDK.  It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a ready-to-go, quick-to-market front end.  It is also customizable and entirely controllable by API.  

If you are interested in doing your own development using Navigator DFE as a starting point, ask your Meteor or Xitron vendor how to get access to the Navigator web SDK (software development kit).

This is the landing page for Meteor DFE related documentation.  Please see the links below for our library of documentation on this DFE.

Quick Start Guide

Release Notes 

DFE configuration (read section 1)

XiSpooler configuration (read section 2)

Installing Meteor Config or Meteor waveform files into the DFE 

Back to back (chained) jobs

Different markets, different job tickets 

General DFE user guides 

Run your first job with Navigator DFE for Meteor