Are you ready to run a job in Navigator DFE for Meteor?

The DFE accepts TIFF or PDF as input.   TIFF does not have all of the features of the DFE because some DFE features are based on PDF.  

Click the plus button or drag and drop onto that plus button or use the DFE hotfolder at c:\Navigator\Workflows\DFE to get a job into the system.

You'll be presented with a job ticket window.

Here you can set various choices. Most of which are covered in our standard DFE user guides.  Some new Meteor options will be covered here.

Perhaps you wish to scale some artwork to fit your media.

Scaling in the Harlequin RIP is done with percentages.  But that might not be convenient.  If you wish, click the ruler to use inches or millimeters instead. 

Now I see the size of my job in there and can change it to whatever I need to change it to.

In this case 5x5.  

You'll see the preview change size to reflect your new image data.

If you want to you can switch back to percentages by clicking the percent button.

You'll see what we did there:

You can leave it in inches/mm if you wish though.  

Click queue to put the job in line without releasing it to print.  Click Print to release it to the printer.

Another new thing you can do in the job ticket is save all the settings as default.

If the "Make Default" check box is checked, EVERY setting in this window becomes the new system default. 

If you clicked Print you are now released to the printer.  If you clicked Queue, then click the "Play" button above the job queue to release.

Now you can offset the job in real time for positioning:

There are two pause modes.  One at the top, only pauses the output on the printer.  See below.

The other one pauses everything, the RIP, the printer, everything.

Once you get everything aligned, sit back and watch the printer print.

For more help, please start here:

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