A few things can go wrong if you edit Meteor Config files out of order.

We will address how to go about editing Meteor Config files and changing their contents in this article.

Best practices:

  1. Make as many Meteor Config files as you need for the resolutions and dot sizes you'll use.  Don't constantly edit your Meteor Config file while the system is live.  This is known to cause crashing currently.
  2. When you need to switch Resolutions in Navigator, it is currently a 2 step process.  
    • First, change Meteor Configurations.  Again, don't edit the Meteor Config while the system is live.
    • Second, change the RIP resolution.  
  3. If you do need to edit the Meteor Config file.  Shut down Navigator and then edit the file from Meteor Status Monitor, (see below at the button circled in red)  Then restart Navigator.  
  4. Meteor Config files in a Navigator system are in a different path location than in a straight Meteor with MetPrint situation.  See the highlighted path below for the correct path.  Use the Files at the path below only.

More Documentation about Navigator DFE for Meteor