If you are having trouble with Raster Blaster or Navigator recognizing your Xitron USB interface this document is the quickest way to a solution.  It contains links to all of the relevant documentation and installers you may need. 

First, if you cannot get a USB interface to show up in Raster Blaster or Navigator you need to start at the beginning.

You need to start in Windows Device Manager. Does it show up there?  Look on the USB bus. Does it show up as a different or unknown USB device?  If it shows as an unknown USB device you may have installed software and hardware in the wrong order.

This short document shows the right order for installation. 

Does PB2diag talk to the board?  It should show firmware for your output device.  It is part of the XiUSB driver utilities installation.

Maybe you have old xiUSB drivers. What version do you have?  

Is it older than this?

Maybe you have a mismatch between 32bit and 64bit or maybe you are using too old a version of our output device 'plug-in' software.