Release notes for Navigator Server version 6.3.0

Support for Windows 10.

Ink Remapping improvements.

‘Magic Release’. A job is automatically released from the ‘Pause After’ if no spot colors are found in the job.

Spot color custom angles. A user may set custom angles for spot colors within the Macintosh and Windows clients.

Update to Enfocus v13 libraries. Version 12 libraries were skipped. We went from 11 to 13.

Device Support

Specific controls for the OKI C941 were added to the clients.

Specific controls for Memjet Northstar and Sirius based printers were added to the clients.

Meteor inkjet drive electronics are supported, offering the ability to drive printers from many manufacturers, such as Kyocera, Xaar, Fujidimatix, and more.

Bug fixes

ColorSetup not showing all of the items across all Separation Styles in the clients.

Mac client improvements

Partial support for Dynagram InPO2 outside the wizard.

Chinese Translations

Debugging and logging improvements

Support for resuming jobs which were paused or cancelled. This is useful primarily for jobs of many pages on a digital press.

Change to alter spot color recipes in the RIP rather than in a PDF library. This offers much better and more complete spot color enhancements. (e.g. duotone support, gradient support, alternate color space support)

Move to SOAR 8.2.