If you are setting up a new Epson vDot RIP and want to verify the color or if you believe your color is not within specified tolerances for your desired printing standard, we can help you to do a verification and calibration.  What you will need to do is:

1. double check your RIP is configured correctly

2. print two files

3. Mail them to Xitron Support

4. Open a support ticket

We can then verify whether your color is within specification and, if necessary, put calibration data into your RIP to bring it in line.

1. First, make sure your RIP is setup correctly, according to the attached (below) document called "Proper ColorPro settings for vDot5.pdf".

2. Once you are sure that your RIP is properly configured, print two files: a calibration target and a test target.

  • From the Output menu select Print Calibration.

  • The Print calibration window will open. Select Process Colors Only, select your vDot 5 Page Setup, and then click on Print calibrated target.

            Your Epson will print this chart:

            Secondly, through the same Page Setup print the attached file "umbrella girl.pdf".  It looks like this:

3.  Ship the prints to:

Xitron Support

4880 Venture Drive, Suite 500

Ann Arbor, MI 48108


4.  Open a support ticket.  Tell us about your problem and tell us to expect your shipment.