The Navigator Digital Front End is based on The Navigator Server and the Harlequin Host Renderer.   

Current release: 

    Navigator Server version 8.0. 

    Harlequin Host Renderer version 12.

These are licensed with a 2 step licensing method.  

Navigator Server is enabled with a USB hardware key.

The USB key has a driver which is installed with our installer.  Simply plug the key into an available USB port and run our installer.  In some cases, the USB driver may fail to start up until you reboot the computer.  In most cases it will be ready to go as soon as the installation is complete.  If you get a license error, try a reboot.

Harlequin Host Renderer is enabled with the Harlequin License Server.  The license server relies on a code, known as an LDK code.   The LDK code is entered at the time of installation.  If something occurs during your installation to complicate this, it can be entered at any time with the LDK tool, available under the Windows Start Menu at Navigator/LDK Tool.

The LDK manual is attached, below.