There are 2 levels at which color management is considered for the DFE.  

The basic level is the end user level.  These concepts are covered in the User Guides area.

There is a deeper level of interest to a printer manufacturer.

We do not support Set Gold as an end user application but it, and other grey balance methods, are supported for the OEM level customer.

At Xitron we use Set Gold to prepare the printer for ICC profiling and then we use i1Profiler or i1Studio for the actual profiling.

The idea behind this is to create a known state for the printer which can be replicated in the field using off-the-shelf calibration equipment such as X-Rite i1Studio.

(The SetGold Manual is attached below)

If you want to use another tool for this initial preparatory step (Idealliance curve, for example) we support the importation of 3rd party calibration data.  Look here for instructions

SetGold puts the printer into a grey balanced and, if necessary, ink limited state which the DFE sees as the standard, linear state of the printer.  When the end user linearizes or calibrates their printer, they are matching their printer to the calibrated state of the SetGold calibrated reference printer used to create the SetGold calibration.   

They do this with the simple, built-in calibration method of the DFE and without needing to know anything about SetGold or grey balance.

This then allows the ICC profiles shipped with the printer to be used generally.

The interface that governs ICC color management configuration are covered in the User Guide, but the interested technical person may wish to explore the underlying software in more depth.  So the ColorPro manual is attached below.  Be aware that the ColorPro manual includes screenshots of the Harlequin Multi RIP.  These screen shots are not applicable to the Navigator DFE.  The interface is similar, but not exactly the same.  The underlying software is the same.  The ColorPro manual is provided for background reference only.  We do not plan to make the DFE interface identical to the Harlequin MultiRIP interface.