This article explains how to install and configure an ICC profile on a Navigator DFE system. This document is intended as a reference for technicians and advanced users already familiar with color management and the DFE system. 

There are two main methods of profiling:

  1. Create an ICC profile without a SetGold Calibration
    This is faster and easier because it omits the SetGold step. The disadvantage is the user will have to manually determine appropriate single-channel ink limits and it will be impossible to use the built-in calibration process.

  2. Create a SetGold profile with a ICC profile.
    This process takes more time, but it enables the user of the calibration process built into the DFE. See section on applying a SetGold Profile and the SetGold users guide.


SetGold and ICC Profile Locations:


If you use SetGold to create the gray balance/linearization curve, then the following path is where you will place those files.


SetGold Profile:



The following is where your ICC/ICM profile get input into the system.


ICC Profile:

C:\Navigator\Navigator\Config\RenderConfig\ICC Profiles



Creating the Render Config in the NCE that will be used to run the charts from the ICC profiling software:


Start with a generic render configuration at the resolution desired.

  1. Open the Navigator Configuration Editor
  2. Select the Render Configs Tab
  3. Click the plus(+) sign to create a new Render Cong, and name it appropriately
  4. Check the box next to Manual Calibration
  5. Click the check mark to save.

  6. Go to the device tab. In the screenshot below, it's labeled "HP".
  7. Select the new render config
  8. Select the desired resolution
  9. Click the checkmark to save
  10. Go to the Manual Cal Tab
  11. Click the Plus sign
  12. Name the Manual Cal "No Color Management_(resolution)" - or something else so that you know there is no curve applied.
  13. Click the checkmark to save

  14. Go to the Color Profiles Tab
  15. Click the Plus Sign to create a new Color Profile
  16. Name it the same as step 12 - Leave all setting in their default unchecked state
  17. Click the checkmark to save.
    Important Note: In Steps 10-17 the Calibration and Color Profiles must be named the same.

  18. Go back to the Render Configs Tab
  19. Make sure that you have the correct Render Config selected
  20. Change the Calibration drop down to the new Manual Cal that created in Step 12
  21. Change the Color Profile to the new Color Profile created in Step 16
  22. Click the checkmark to save.



Running the Charts from your ICC Profiling Software &
Applying the Resulting ICC/ICM Profile:

  1. Open the DFE
  2. Click on the Circle Plus sign
  3. Browse to your ICC Profiling chart, select it  and click open

  4. Select the Paper Profile from the drop-down menu
  5. Select the Render Config from the Quality drop-down menu
  6. Click Print to run the patch charts generated by your ICC profiling software.

  7. Scan the charts
  8. Create the ICC profile
  9. Take the ICC/ICM profile and place it in to the proper folder
    C:\Navigator\Navigator\Config\RenderConfig\ICC Profiles
  10. You will then create a new Manual Cal and Color Profile using the step above that you used to create the No Color Management Calibration and Color Profiles.

    (Typical Color Profile settings)

Applying a SetGold Profile in a DFE System

  1. Use SetGold to create the SetGold profile. You will use the No Color Management render config that you made at the beginning of this document. (Creating the Render Config in NCE …)
  2. Once the SetGold profile has been created you will place the SetGold profile into the following path.
  3. Open the NCE
  4. Go to the Calibrations Tab of the NCE
  5. From the Paper Profile drop-down menu select the SetGold profile that you just created.
  6. Under Target printing, click Print New Target. This pushes the profile into the render configs.
  7. Go to the Render Configs Tab
  8. Select/create the render config that you wish to apply the new SetGold profile to.
  9. Under Calibration, select the new SetGold Profile to apply.
  10. Click the “Check” mark in the lower right corner to save.

    Please remember that the Calibration and Color Profiles must be named the same.