This document is primarily for Duraflex users on a sheet fed system.

The Duraflex system requires a TOF (Top of Form) offset.  It is set in the hwparams file.  (See your Duraflex documentation from Memjet for more detail.)  It is not so convenient to change this TOF offset.  So it may be valuable to set the system up to cover both bleed and non-bleed jobs with the same TOF offset. 

Your options are:

1.  Set the system up for bleed and non-bleed jobs to print correctly through the same TOF value.

2.   Use distinct TOF signaling for bleed and non-bleed jobs.   Use distinct job sizes for bleed and non-bleed jobs. This is probably what you would consider "normal".  But it might not be as convenient.

We'll discuss scenario 1.

Move your TOF sensor by back (away from printhead) by the amount of bleed (e.g. 1/8").  I mean physically move it. Depending on your equipment, maybe changing the TOF offset value will work here instead of physically moving the sensor.   

Then use media sizes that are all bigger than expected by the bleed amount all the way around.

What will happen is that the printing will start 1/8" before the paper.

Make sure not to have "Print on Media" or "Print only on Media" checked anywhere in the DFE.  That setting stops print from happening off of the edge of the paper.  This setting is not compatible with bleed.

What will happen with a non-bleed job?  We'll add 1/8" of empty space around it .  So it will start printing exactly on the paper.  It will work just fine.  The job size will change under the hood, but now your printer can print both bleed and non-bleed jobs with the same TOF settings.

The attached files can be used as a starting point.  One of them shows the paper sizes with bleed included. Use this one if you want to print everything with the same settings. 

The other file shows the paper sizes without bleed included.  

Regarding the attachments:  Unzip, change the name, copy the file.   Changing the name of the file to "Media.lst" and copying it to the correct location will allow you to use it in the DFE.  Or you can edit the files to add and subtract media sizes until you get the list you want.

More information on where to copy the file and how to use the media.lst file is here.

Information on moving the job across the printhead can be found here.