This document will help you to find, understand, and use the new features of the Navigator RIP system for Duralink.

The printhead assignment tool is separately documented, here: the Head Assignment Tool documentation

Duralink r3 installation guide 

is attached, below.

Standard mode (stitching) vs. transactional mode.

Server, Manage Workflow Actions…, Page Filter Action, Configure Select Stitching, Slit and Merge, or Multi Stream.

Stitching is the standard mode for the RIP.  Most types of printing will use this mode.  Stitching assumes you are sending input PDFs the width of the press. The page filter action then splits that page up across the printheads.  In the case of a 2 printhead wide system (17" or A3) we would take a 17" input file and chop it into 2 pieces sized for the printheads, with some overlap.  In this mode you can do imposition either with a built-in RIP tool like XiStep (for labels) or with an external application.

The other two modes are transactional print modes.  They are page imposition schemes for two different finishing systems.  They both assume you are sending letter sized pages to a 17" wide duplex press (2x4x2) and wish to print two streams of pages side-by-side.

Slit and Merge: This setting is for a 2-wide duplex unit that splits the web in half and automatically merges both splits together after each cut. 

Consider a run length of 16 pages:

Multi Stream (formerly called Dual stream): This setting is for a 2-wide duplex unit  that splits the web in half but requires the operator to manually combine two stacks after the job is printed. (Put one stack on top of the other)

Consider a run length of 16 pages:

Color Adjustment.

See this document. 

Add blank separator pages between jobs

DuraLink Spooler, Configure…

Add custom tags with copy and page numbers

DuraLink Spooler, Configure…

These will be displayed by the PCS as the job is printed.

Set base screen pattern and resolution

Launch Navigator Configurations Editor via ‘NCE’ shortcut in User Resources\Xitron Shortcuts

Select on DuraLink tab:

Override screen pattern

Navigator Client, Enter Workflow Editor, Render Action

Enable RIP Farm mode

Navigator Server, Server Setup → Manage Workflow Actions… Render Action, Configure…

Unless this is checked, only one RIP will be used.

Set number of RIPs and threads

Navigator Server, Server Setup → Manage Devices… 

Select DuraLink v2 device.

Set job options: page range, multiple copies, collate

Navigator Client, right-click job. Output Options…

Set job rotation before splitting

Navigator Client, Enter Workflow Editor, Page Filter Action