The general log file for Navigator is the "Logfile"  at Navigator/SW.

This is a good file to send but it is not the only file we need.

The most important log file for troubleshooting USB interface problems is a level 3 debug log file.  

It will also be located at Navigator/SW.  It is called DbgOut.

Here is how to make one that shows your problem: 

Open the application "PB2diag".  This is Xitron's interface tool.  If you can't locate it, type it into your Start menu search field.

Or get it here.  Should you want it, PB2diag's manual is here.

In PB2diag open the menu called "Edit INI settings".  

It will look something like the window below.  The window directly below is a good default setting.  However, for the purposes of logging, we'll need to change it temporarily.

Change the setting to look like this:

The important parts are highlighted.  We are going to create a log file called "dgbout.log".  The system (at level zero) usually logs only basic information here.  When we are trying to solve a problem, we will change to level 3 and get the system logging every single action and communication.

Click "OK" and then run jobs which show your problem or issue.

This issue will be captured inside the dbgout.log file which you will find at Navigator/SW

Send us this log file.

Make sure to go back to PB2diag and set the INI settings logging level back to zero; like this: