The Xitron DFE has a procedure to calibrate your device to get it into a known state when the included ICC profiles have been created.  Currently, Xitron DFE supports using the i1Studio from X-rite for this process.  Depending on the version of the X-Rite driver loaded, the Navigator Configuration Editor (NCE) may have trouble finding the i1Studio from within the software. This document describes how to resolve this situation.

  1. When accessing the NCE, it displays the error “Failed to find the connected device.”Graphical user interface, website

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  2. Verify that the computer can see the device in the Windows device manager.A picture containing graphical user interface

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  3. Verify the current version of the i1Studio driver.
  4. Download the correct DLLs and drivers from the path below.

  5. Follow the path C:\Navigator\Navigator\Webserver  and replace the "i1Studio.dll" and the "Spectro.dll."
  6. Find the "Programs and Features" settings within the Control Panel, select the installed i1Studio driver, right-click this driver, and select 'uninstall."
  7. Locate the driver you previously downloaded and install.
  8. Launch the newly installed X-Rite driver and verify that it is the older version.
  9. Launch the DFE and open the NCE to verify the Xitron software now sees the X-Rite device.
  10. Now continue with the calibration of the device.