Navigator has two locations that codes can be entered: the LDK tool (to license the Renderer/RIP), and the Server software.  Xitron will give you the codes needed for the update, as well as what specific LDK or dongle those codes are associated with

The LDK tool has guides already on the Xitron support site, and can be located here:

If you have internet access on the computer:

If you do not have internet access:

To upgrade the Workflow Server license (USB dongle), you need to launch the Navigator Server software.  Once up, go to the Server Setup menu, and select Administrator Login…


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The User Name will be Administrator, and there is no password.  Go back to the Server Setup menu, and you will see other menu items available now.  Select Product Features.  A pop-up window will appear, alerting you that any change will require the software to restart.  Click Yes to continue.

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Now this will bring up a new window.  At the bottom, is an area to enter the 9-digit code update.  Click OK when you are done.

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Now close the Server software, and relaunch it for the new license to take effect.