Welcome New Customers.

We want you to know how to get help, and how to schedule your Navigator installation and training.

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How to schedule your Navigator installation.

To schedule your installation simply reach out to us via email at mloudenbeck@xitron.com or call +1 734 794 1342. Please note that we usually need 2 weeks lead time in the scheduling so please reach-out as soon as possible.

How to contact us:

Click here to open a support ticket

Prefer to email?  Mail us at xitronhelp@xitron.com 

Prefer to call?  Call us at +1 734 913 1099  

Support people answer the phones from 8 to 5 eastern time.  If we don't answer, we are helping someone else.  Leave a message please.  That will open a ticket in our support ticketing system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to send jobs 

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Support Resources 

(on your RIP computer):

On the desktop of the Navigator RIP computer are two links that will help you as well.  One link is for Remote Support and the other is for our Support web site.

Remote Support

This link is how you can invite a support representative into your computer. They will be able to control it remotely and can see what you see. We can do pretty much anything necessary, including problem solving, re-install the software, or upgrade you to a newer version. When a Xitron support representative says they want to connect to your computer, open this link and tell them the codes that are used to securely log in.

Support web site

This link brings you to our support pages.  Here you can open a support ticket, look at the status of a ticket, and read documentation or tech notes.  

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Support Resources 

(on the internet):

Here is a link to that page shown above:

Xitron Support home page 

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Thank you for your business and for your attention.